April 2016 Lake Minnetonka Magazine

In the April issue visit a garden that brings a neighborhood together, meet an Excelcior couple who have ventured into the vintner business and check out some textile art done by local makers.

It’s no secret that a poppy in full bloom is a sight to behold. But earlier in the season, within its unblossomed petals, the flower holds the potential and beauty of the spring and summer that is yet to come.


Which came first, the egg or the egg dish? We love our eggs in every meal, every cuisine, every which way. Scrambled, baked, boiled, fried, puffed or pickled—the eating possibilities are almost endless.


Wayzata’s The Partners Group hosted its annual fishing tournament to raise funds for a number of good causes.


In September, the Cottagewood Store celebrated 120 years of being a go-to shop and gathering place for the community.


Mark Slick is a true chronicler of life around Lake Minnetonka. The accomplished photographer seems to pop up with his camera at most popular events on the lake, and his images have won acclaim over the years in our annual Lens on Lake Minnetonka photo contest.


There’s something fairy-tale-like about Cottagewood. With its peninsula chock full of lake homes and tidy yards, the charming Cottagewood Store and hometown events, it’s a place that practically screams “Minnesota nice.”


Artistic inspiration could be considered a natural resource throughout the splendid Lake Minnetonka area, which is layered with natural and architectural beauty that lends itself to creativity.


There was a large storm last summer. Linda Burkard was in her cellar listening to the wind, and heard a tree fall. She was certain that spelled the end of the neighborhood fairy garden. When she went outside to check the damage, the fairy garden was safe.


Armed with more than three decades, collectively, of custom framing experience, Ken Herren and Melissa Williamson-Herren opened Your Art’s Desire Gallery of Art & Framing in Minnetonka in May 2005.


Many years ago, one of the first pioneer families to settle near Lake Minnetonka often had an unexpected guest for dinner, according to a tale passed down for generations.


If there are two things that embody the essence of Excelsior, it’s community and charm. Gray Home + Lifestyle, opened in November by local mother-daughter duo Dee Dee and Chloe Lappen, offers just those things.


For most of her adult life, Excelsior resident Libby Gottsacker worked for Fortune 100 companies. A successful pharmaceutical sales rep, Gottsacker regularly traveled to meet with hospitals and businesses all over the U.S.


One of the most celebrated vintners of all time, the legendary Philippine de Rothschild, once famously commented that for anyone entering the wine business, the first 200 years are the most difficult. After that, growing grapes and making fine wines becomes easier, she said.


St. David’s Center, which provides early childhood education and resources for kids and adults with special needs, exceeded its $13.7 million capital campaign goal this past November. In fact, they’ve surpassed the $14 million mark.


Last summer, several local Boy Scouts completed projects for the Excelsior-Lake Minnetonka Historical Society on their way to receiving the highest scouting rank of Eagle Scout.


Originally located at the Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport and providing locally made Minnesota-themed gifts, Uptown MN is now bringing local art to Ridgedale Center in Minnetonka.


The cast and crew at Minnetonka Theatre (a youth theater company in the Minnetonka School District) close their season with their annual spring musical.


The Sitting Room, an interior design firm that has called Second Street in Excelsior home for the past five years, opened a second location in November, right around the corner from its original spot.


The Brost Clinic in Wayzata opened its doors 30 years ago this month. In fact, they’re hosting a party outside of the clinic in early summer, and encourage community members to join in the anniversary festivities.


Stylish and practical? I’m all in. This gorgeous Manos Zapotecas Crystal duffel from new Excelsior boutique Gray Home + Lifestyle is perfect for day-to-day hauling and makes a great weekend getaway bag.


Hammer Residences in Wayzata care for individuals with developmental disabilities and help them thrive within their communities and discover their passions.