December 2011

Holiday Cookie Exchange | International Inspiration

The American Civil War broke out 150 years ago this year. More than 600,000 soldiers and civilians died in the bloodiest war our nation has ever fought. Although far on the frontier at the time, Lake Minnetonka was not immune to its effects.


The rituals of a steak dinner are as exhilarating as they are gratifying: the portentous “clunk” of the serrated knife, the inimitable shape of the martini glass, the crunch of the iceberg wedge, the ginormous baked potato. And as with every beloved tradition, there is quibbling.


Back in 1948 at Butler University, four guys created a vocal harmony group called The Four Freshmen. They were a jazz quartet with a sound so original and inspirational, even The Beach Boys took notice!


In June 2008, a two-day old infant was abandoned in the countryside of Guatemala, left to battle the pouring rain and driving winds without so much as a blanket. Miraculously, she survived.


Making cookies is a long-standing tradition in many households come holiday time. Whether you do it with your family or a group of friends, the outcome is the same: lots of merriment and plenty of memories to be made.


Between shopping for gifts, tiding the house and worrying about in-law drama, it’s safe to say the holidays are hectic. Colette Flynn of Catered by Colette wants to remove some stress with three easy appetizers you can prepare before your guests arrive for the party.


The Hennepin County Library system is massive. More than 5 million books, CDs and DVDs in 40 languages are at the fingertips of the avid bookworm or the curious student. But what happens when you can no longer walk through the door of a library to check out a book?  


Three years ago, Connor Guenther followed in his parents’ footsteps and began his own start-up, combining his love of business with his passion for firewood.


This past January, the Wayzata Children’s Clinic celebrated 40 years of delivering first-class care to children.


Searching for holiday cards with personality? Look no further than the eco-friendly items created by Up, Up Creative.


Just because snow has blanketed the roads and the temperature hovers around a brisk 20 degrees doesn’t mean you should be trapped inside.


Dust off your rolling pin and grab your apron! Hammer is looking for volunteers to assist individuals with disabilities in baking holiday cookies and desserts. Groups of 1–5 are needed for baking time slots on evenings or weekends.


Five Swans has been serving up special selections to Wayzata residents for more than 40 years, and this past summer, the neighborhood’s go-to gift shop moved to a new space. Be sure to check out their new kitchen department and more open layout just two doors down the street.


I credit William Kent Krueger for helping me to get out of one of the worst reading "ruts" of my life. He's helped locally, of course, by the fact that all of his books take place on Minnesota's North Shore—with plenty of regional flavor thrown in to make all of us feel instantly at home


“I captured this photo during one of the last sails of the season this past summer. With the waves reflecting off the hull of the boat and the glow of the sun peeking out from behind the sail, I leaned over the side to take this picture right at water level.