December 2012

Refilling the Empty Nest | The Gift of Time

It’s pretty normal for Deb Zeller to grab her camera to stroll around the Parley Lake Winery grounds. “My camera goes with me almost all the time,” she says.


It’s pretty normal for Deb Zeller to grab her camera to stroll around the Parley Lake Winery grounds. “My camera goes with me almost all the time,” she says.


Twenty-three years ago, Bill Wenmark and seven other men jumped into Lake Minnetonka as part of a 10-mile run to celebrate New Year’s Day. Little did they know their ice dive would become an annual event, with close to 900 people participating last year.


Daily life has changed drastically over the last decade. “Back in the day,” we wrote letters and mailed them. We walked down the block and knocked on our neighbor’s door to chat.


Fans in the stands at high school athletic events will often hold their collective breath waiting for a completed pass, a third strike or a winning goal. Now imagine an elite student athlete, waiting for word about their collegiate future.


Women, Wisdom, and Wine entertained and educated women this fall with a spectacular lineup of speakers, and more are planned in 2013.


When Jennifer Hedberg’s parents moved the family from California to Massachusetts, the cold was a shock to their system. To combat the winter blues, their mother created winter activities for them, including ice lanterns.


Tom Rob Smith's debut novel, Child 44, remains to this day one of the best thrillers I have ever read. Exciting, adventuresome, at times disturbing and extraordinarily original, Child 44 is one of those rare debuts that seems impossible to top.



Allan Charney tried boxing to help get in shape, but he felt like something was missing. “I started hitting the bag and thought, ‘This is a nice idea, but how about bringing it to the masses and combining it with group fitness?’ ”


Excelsior is in for a world of change. The waterfront town has development plans for a hotel, a grocery store, a steakhouse, a library and Mexican restaurant.


Melessa Henderson viewed some children’s nighttime books as dark and scary. Instead of ignoring those books completely, she decided to make her own.


Before hitting the slopes this season, stock up on sunglasses to protect your eyes (and look stylish). We found two local sunglasses experts to recommend a few pairs that will take you from the slopes to après-ski with no work at all.



1st: Dragonflies by Deb Zeller

2nd: Lily at Noerenberg Gardens by Alison Humphrey

3rd: Weather is Coming: Time to Head In by Deb Zeller


It’s polite to say it’s agonizing to choose the best of the year. I ate so many amazing things in our area these last 11 months, but the chance to re-experience my favorites was pure, unadulterated joy.


The best gifts of the holiday season are often the gifts of time, talent and charitable contributions. As 2012 draws to a close, consider carrying your volunteer efforts into the New Year.


After the bustle of early school mornings, weekends crammed with extracurricular activities and planning for college, many empty nesters have a decision to make when the commotion settles.