Lake Minnetonka Skincare Recommendations for Dry Winter Skin

Donna Duffy shares her favorite skin remedies for keeping winter skin soft.
Fusion LifeSpa's exclusive, all-natural, chemical-free skincare line helps keep skin soft.

Inconsistent February weather can cause already-parched skin to act up (think blemishes, flaking and itchiness). We talked to Donna Duffy, founder of Fusion LifeSpa and developer of Fusion LifeSpa’s exclusive natural skincare line, for recommendations on keeping skin supple until spring.

Organic Squalene Serum
This concentrated oil is derived from olives and promotes elasticity while boosting cell regeneration. “Mix a drop into your moisturizer every other night for a hydration and skin-glowing boost,” says Duffy. We also put it on our cuticles and dry spots overnight—it worked a mini miracle. $32

Cranberry Hand & Body Cream
This seasonal scent smells so good, you’ll want to make a perfume out of it. “The cranberries and vitamins A and E are antioxidants,” says Duffy, so your whole body will get a little anti-aging care. 2 oz., $11 and 8 oz., $39

Facial Peel Pack
An at-home, natural facial peel can be just the pick-me-up your face needs mid-winter. Each two-product pack comes with LifeSpa’s exclusive Goat Cheese Peel, which exfoliates and hydrates, and a second, skin-specific fruit enzyme peel. Duffy recommends the Cucumber Hydrating Mask for all skin types. “It’s oil-free, soothing, cooling and firming,” she says. “And it’s great for men after a shave.” Prices vary

If you go:
Fusion LifeSpa will host a couples’ foot massage class on February 6. $40 per couple. Information available on the website.
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