Lakemaid Beer Makes a Splash in the Lake Minnetonka Area

Discover great beer for great fishermen.

You have to be on the inside to know the secrets of Lakemaid Lager, and even those do may never spot an elusive Lakemaid herself. Local advertising agency Pocket Hercules has fostered a love of the lakes and a created cult following surrounding the beer. There are 12 unique Lakemaids in all, each with a tail of a freshwater game fish; legend has it that the Lakemaids came into being when a saltwater mermaid wandered from her natural habitat into the freshwater system.

The fisherman’s lager has a distinctive is heavily distributed in the Lake Minnetonka area. Pocket Hercules has ingeniously marketed the brand with oversized fly-over banners, a bottle-cap betting game and even a refrigerator giveaway. The already popular Midwestern beer is just getting started and maybe, just maybe, you’ll see a real Lakemaid bobbing slightly out of reach of your rod. But for now, crack open a cold one after a long day on the water and get in on the lake country mystique of Lakemaid.


Find Lakemaid at vendors such as MGM and Tonka Bottle, or learn more about the brand online at