October 2013

Take a trip into fall weather in the October 2013 issue of Lake Minnetonka Magazine!

You'll learn about some heirloom chili recipes from Lake-area football families, get an intimate tour of a stunning Cape Cod-inspired house on Gray's Bay and sample some of the best freaky foods in the Lake Minnetonka area.

The perfect time for chili is when temperatures drop, people opt for sweaters and Friday nights mean football.


It took Ken and Amy Pucel almost 10 years to get started on their dream home, but it was worth the wait.


Kids going back to school, temperatures dropping, pulling out those boots and sweaters; with all the transitions that fall brings, it’s easy for our bodies to get out of sync. But taking care of ourselves can help keep us on track.


With beautiful views of Lake Minnetonka’s picturesque Gray’s Bay, it’s no surprise that homeowners Cynthia Baier and Scott Swenson wanted to highlight the beautiful vistas in their recent home renovation.


The Girl Scout Gold Award is the highest honor a scout can achieve. Initiated in 1916, it recognizes the completion of a project that betters a Girl Scout’s community as well as the world at large.


Private detectives were once referred to as gumshoes, a reference to gum rubber shoes that allowed investigators to sneak around quietly.


At age 16, John witnessed his father drink himself to death, before becoming an alcoholic himself. Eva was told by her doctor, “If you don’t stop drinking, you’ll probably die within a year.” Russell was 50 pounds underweight, living in his car, drinking mouthwash and having seizures.


Lakeside views of brilliant sunshine sparkling on the water. Tethered sailboats bobbing in gentle rolls of incoming waves. This year, St. Martin’s by-the-Lake Episcopal Church will celebrate 125 years of worship near scenes just like this, which have delighted parishioners for decades.


Ghouls and goblins, witches and broomsticks! As Halloween approaches, it’s time to grab some of the newest, scariest reads and enjoy them with your kids. Trick or Treat, MarleyBy John Grogan$17.99Ages 4 and up America’s lovable, trouble-making yellow Labrador retriever is at it again.


Lake-area history buffs can learn more about our area’s rich past when they visit Excelsior’s first-ever welcome center, which celebrated its grand opening in June.


After auditioning for Minnetonka High School’s performance of Rehearsal of Murder during his sophomore year in high school, you could say Matthew Trumbull was bitten by the acting bug.


Turbulence drives famous men across the Atlantic to Ireland in three remarkable tales of defiance and hope.


The Long Lake Area Art Show will return for the fourth year October 26–27 at Orono High School, featuring one-of-a-kind art from 40 local and regional artists.


Not only will you feel beautiful wearing Jen Westmoreland Bouchard’s necklaces, bracelets and earrings, but you can also feel good about the fact that you’re helping out your neighbors.


As we head into fall, we spend much of our time talking with clients about college planning—whether it’s determining the eventual cost of your newborn’s tuition and establishing a college savings plan, or your children have left for college and you’ve become an empty-nester.


Every morning, while thousands weave their way around the metro’s interstates, you’ll find a group of Wayzata residents gathered around table one at Sunsets from 6:30 to 9 a.m., collaborating on how they can help their community.


What was your favorite part of growing up in Excelsior?My younger sister and I walked to Licks nearly every day. I always ordered the chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream and I still do. What’s your favorite childhood memory?


If I never ate a steak again, I’d be perfectly fine. But if I were deprived of cheese for one measly week, I’d go mad with urgent cravings for the creamy stuff. Obviously I’d never make it as a vegan, but not because I’m indifferent to animal rights: Simply put, cheese is my favorite food.


Dumas Apple House Rich in tradition, this orchard has been growing apples for more than 70 years. Fresh picks: Fireside, Prairie Spy, Redwell and Regent Dumas Family Apple Cobbler:5-6 apples, peeled, cored and sliced2 eggs 1 cup sugar 8 Tbsp.


On the mornings that weather permits, Al Whitaker likes to rise at dawn, pack up his camera gear and drive toward Excelsior Bay in the hopes of capturing another remarkable moment.