Make it a Legacy

Woman doing finances with calculator
A local expert shares advice on estate planning.

Minnetonka-area resident JoAnn Quackenbush worked in technology sales for most of her life before starting a career with Legacy Assurance Plan, an estate planning services company. Basically, she helps with those intricate legal documents that can be hard to decipher, from wills to powers of attorney to trusts. Wills, in particular, raise frequent questions and misunderstandings. For example, in the state of Minnesota, if an estate is larger than $75,000, the will is subject to probate (the legal validation of the will in a court of law).

Though you can learn a lot on the state attorney general’s website, Quackenbush recommends digging deeper. “If you want something individualized to avoid probate and save money for future use, it’s best to look into an estate planning agency,” Quackenbush says. Quackenbush adds that she loves the outreach part of her job. “It’s a neat thing to be able to help people understand what the laws are, and help them gain peace of mind for their future,” Quackenbush explains. —AG

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