New Shop at Ridgedale Offers the Popular K-beauty Trend

This spring, an unconventional beauty store opened at Ridgedale Center. The vibe is decidedly Generation Z—a far cry from the department store beauty counter of yesteryear. Riley Rose houses beauty, hair and lifestyle trends and is particularly focused on an emerging trend called K-beauty (short for “Korean beauty”), an umbrella term that describes, in part, the popular multi-step skincare routines that have been popular in South Korea for decades. Over the past several years, American consumers have tumbled enthusiastically into the K-beauty realm, watching skincare tutorials on YouTube and purchasing products from South Korea on the web.

But that’s been part of the challenge: Until now, one of the only ways to get an authentic K-beauty routine was to buy skincare products and makeup online. Now, Riley Rose brings a trove of K-beauty lines to its brick-and-mortar stores in the States, where customers can try things out, hold the bottles in their hands, and get in-person advice from staff. Riley Rose stocks popular brands like Beauty Bakerie, which isn’t available in a physical store anywhere else in the U.S.

Sisters Linda and Esther Chang co-founded Riley Rose in 2017 in California. “We realized the need for a beauty and lifestyle brand that caters to Gen Z and Millennials,” says Linda Chang. Both sisters still hold leadership roles at apparel company Forever 21. “We recognized a gap in the beauty market where the needs of [younger consumers] weren’t being effectively met,” says Chang. “Our goal is to provide an experience where customers can discover and interact with brands from all over the world in a fun and inclusive environment.”

The Ridgedale shop is decidedly fun. The aesthetic is bubblegummy, with pops of pink and floral patterns on the walls and displays, fun neon lights, and a touch of South Korean-signature whimsy. In addition to the dozens of skincare and beauty products, Riley Rose also stocks colorful candy, toys and other giftable treats.

But at the heart, of course, is beauty. “Skin health and hydration have long been the core of Korean skin care, which has been carefully researched and refined throughout generations,” explains Chang. “The biggest differences between K-beauty and what most Americans use as their daily routine are the ingredients and the steps.” Ingredients that seem unusual to Westerners—like snail mucin!—are common in K-beauty lines. As for the steps? The more the merrier, says Chang. Korean women tend to spend more time on skincare than Americans do, using the routine as a time of self-care (see sidebar for typical K-beauty steps). The Chang sisters, who are Korean-American, say they learned about the importance of skin health and the benefits of a long routine from their mom. “The 10-step regimen is one of the most popular elements of K-beauty due to the long-lasting, skin health improvements,” says Chang. “Everyone can benefit from healthier skin. We’re so excited to now be open in Minnetonka and hope customers love the store as much as we do.”

10 Steps to Healthier Skin
A typical Korean beauty routine involves the following steps To learn more talk to one of the K-beauty experts at Riley Rose.

Oil cleanser
Foam cleanser
Eye cream
Face cream

Favorites for Your Face
Linda Chang shares her fave products, which are a perfect way to venture into K-beauty for newcomers.

Lime Crime Venus eyeshadow palette
Stila Written in the Stars liquid eye shadow set
COSRX Acne Pimple Master Patch