Photo: Jeni Zimmer's Snapshot of Gale Woods Farm

Jeni Zimmer admires Gale Woods Farm from the Dakota Trail.
Gale Woods Farm now sells meat, eggs and dairy fresh from the farm animals.

While on a stroll with her husband along the Dakota Trail last autumn, Jeni Zimmer stopped along the beaten path to capture an often unseen angle of Gale Woods Farm.

“I love barns, and I love natural light,” she says. “To see it framed with the silhouette of the trees on the trail and the sun hitting the barn—it was the perfect time to click.”
Zimmer acknowledges that an autumn afternoon is the perfect opportunity for a photograph. She grabbed her Canon Rebel after coming across the darkened trees with the stark contrast of red in the distance.

|As a grandmother and teacher, Zimmer prides herself on her large photograph collection. Although she classifies it as a passion, her husband calls it “an obsession.” She photographs as a hobby, and often carries her camera just in case.

“God’s beauty is all around us in its creation, and we don’t always take time to see how beautiful it is,” Zimmer says.