Photographer Craig Eiler Wins Award for The Burwell Palace

Craig Eiler talks about his award-winning photograph.
Second Place City Landmarks by Craig Eiler

Craig Eiler, a retired technical writer, has a longtime interest in photography, which has won him several awards throughout Minnesota. “There is a lot of satisfaction when someone actually buys one of my photos or one of my photos is featured in a magazine,” says Eiler.

His photograph “The Burwell Palace,” taken on one of Minnesota’s greatly cherished sunny days, took second place in the City Landmarks category of the 2016 Lens on Lake Minnetonka photo contest.

“My favorite thing about this photo is that it was captured on such a beautiful summer day. I took several photos from different angles, but I liked this one the most,” Eiler says.

Eiler’s personal interest in history drew him to the Burwell house. He enjoys photographing landmarks such as this one but also has experience in industrial, landscape and scenic photography.

The Burwell house had a unique appeal to Eiler because of his frequent biking route past the site.

“I titled it “The Burwell Palace” because I’m sure that when it was constructed, people thought it was a palace fit for a king,” says Eiler.