Senia Mae Tuominen of Healing InSight Offers Advice and Services for Those Facing Health Problems

Healing InSight offers natural remedies and tips for common health problems.

When it comes to health, Senia Mae Tuominen, owner of Healing InSight on Grand Avenue, believes that natural remedies are the best remedies. All too often, issues such as anxiety and depression are treated with pharmaceutical drugs. The Healing InSight team provides an alternative, treating patients with traditional Chinese medicine.

The practitioners combine acupuncture, herbs and food therapy to “give people natural options to live a better life,” according to Tuominen.

She says there are many benefits to these forms of treatment—many patients feel immediate relief from acupuncture, herbal medicines, and food therapy, which focuses on giving your body the nutrition it needs to heal itself.

Tuominen says that one of the problems people face when it comes to natural options is knowing who and what to trust.

“Eggs used to be considered bad. Now they’re not. You should take St. John’s wort; no, you shouldn’t. Eat whole grains. No, eliminate gluten. Our clinic cuts through all the misinformation and creates a personalized health plan for each of our patients,” Tuominen says.

Tuominen’s tips for common health problems, especially for adults:

  • If you have sleep problems, she suggests eating more “good fat” (like monounsaturated fat) to create sleep hormones and shutting off devices that emit blue light (phones, TVs, computers, etc.) two hours before bedtime.
  • For anxiety, Tuominen says to start a daily meditation or relaxation routine, get enough rest, eat “good fat” and exercise enough to boost your mood, but not exhaust you.
  • For digestive issues, she recommends avoiding raw food and drinking warm beverages to “preserve your digestive fire.” She also says to cut down on sugar or wheat and learn abdominal massage.
  • For all these conditions, Tuominen also emphasized the power of acupuncture. Speaking from her own experience, she says its effects are wide-ranging, from reversing irritable bowel syndrome to reducing anxiety,.
  • “I used to have debilitating anxiety, and acupuncture was key for helping me live a normal life again. Acupuncture calms your nervous system in a matter of minutes,” Tuominen says.