golfing with hockey sticks on ice

A little snow and ice won’t stop Minnesotans from getting together, but, it goes without saying, something else might.

While high school teams seem to get a lot of the attention in our area, there’s another basketball organization that’s racking up the buckets.

Saint Paul’s Manila Ice blocks for the Minnesota RollerGirls All Stars team—she competitively charges into other women on roller skates. (The team ranks ninth in the world.) Inspired by the movie Whip It to start skating in 2012, Manila has touted roller derby All Stars status since 2015.

For over a decade, the Minnetonka Community Education program Tonka Dance Works has been giving youth time in the spotlight through its annual winter production, Tales and Tails of Folks and Fairies.

For the past two years, Donny Mark was the assistant coach of the Twin Cities’ professional soccer team, Minnesota United, giving him a front-row seat to see what makes a high-level athlete succeed. “In order to play at a higher level, you have to develop as a player,” Mark explains.

Minnetonka High School has a storied tradition of producing top-tier athletes in a wide variety of sports. But recently, the sheer abundance of elite athletes who wear Skippers baseball jerseys has many spectators turning their heads.

If you haven’t done so yet, we’ll wait while you google Hockey Moms.

Ice = hockey, right? Not so fast. At its dry-land hockey facility, the 10 Sports Centre in Long Lake offers indoor, ice-free practice space and programming for hockey players at all levels.

The Orono U13 and U14 Girls Soccer teams made it their mission this year to experience the Women’s FIFA World Cup. They washed cars, sold Orono “wrappers” and ran a raffle, raising a grand total of $22,000.

The first time a young Coco Kaminski set foot on the ice, her parents put her on a frozen Lake Minnetonka to learn to skate with her siblings. “As soon as I could have skates on my feet, my mom strapped skates on me,” says Coco, whose full name is Colette.

Minnetonka’s Sara Goff just can’t stay out of the water.