Murals on the Wall

Painted room wall mural

Placing an imprint on our homes can take a host of forms—among them: Architectural designs, furniture elements, décor themes and color stories have their own ways of communicating homeowners’ styles. After living much of our lives on mute due to the pandemic, are we ready to make bigger, bolder statements in our homes? Read more about Murals on the Wall

The Interact Center showcases the artistic talents of people with disabilities

“The medical model defines people with disabilities by what they can’t do,” says Jeanne Calvit, founder and artistic director of Interact Center for the Visual and Performing Arts. “Here,” she says, “they’re defined by what they create.”

Interact Center, founded in 1996, is for people ages 24 to 70 with disabilities ranging from Down syndrome to clinical depression to blindness. It’s a place where they can put on original shows and experiment with visual arts. Read more about The Interact Center showcases the artistic talents of people with disabilities


With rising racial tension in the news, artist Ken Gonzales-Day helps put recent events, including the shooting of Philando Castile, in context with his photography at the Minnesota Museum of American Art. The exhibit, called Shadowlands, looks at racially motivated violence in the United States and features work from his Run Up series that connects Saint Paul to Ferguson to Los Angeles to Charles Valento’s lynching in 1920, restaged and photographed by Gonzales-Day. Read more about Restaged

Functional Art

Minnesota native Chip Addington set out on a mission two years ago to combine his experiences—working in the outdoors as a camp guide and director, along with his art major—to create the perfect backpack for the urban traveler. His handmade backpack line combines aesthetically pleasing design with durability. The water-resistant bags come with pockets for a laptop, phone, notebook and pens, and take Addington around 12 hours to make on his circa 1892 industrial sewing machine. Read more about Functional Art

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