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Immersive Gifts

Craft Materials at Minnetonka Center for Arts

No one needs another pair of socks, a generic coffee mug or the latest pop-nonfiction bestseller to clutter up the closet (or the bookshelf, or the kitchen counter … you get my drift). To help fight our modern American addiction to stuff, many families are opting to forego the gift boxes this holiday season in favor of gifts you can fully experience: time to spend together (or by yourself), and learn or see something new. Try one of these local options to give your giftee a memory they’ll hold onto forever—no attic space required.

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Best of Lake Minnetonka 2017

This part of the Twin Cities is pretty darn great, isn’t it? We live in a place where it’s no big thing to get the perfect haircut, run a couple errands, take a boat ride on gorgeous Lake Minnetonka, and enjoy a delicious dinner where people actually know our names—all in one day, within minutes of home. We have amazing eats and beautiful brews, stellar shops and top-notch professionals, right here in our lakeside communities. Read more about Best of Lake Minnetonka 2017


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