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Understandably, we tend to find ourselves buttoned up come wintertime—ensconced in our homes, snuggled up near a fire, cozied up in a favorite chair or, if ambition strikes, engaged in indoorsy endeavors. Admittedly, we are good at getting out on the ski and sled hills, off to outdoor community events and the like, but how much contact are we having with our neighbors? In fact, how well do you know your neighbors or fellow residents? Read more about Read the December 2021 Digital Edition

May 2021 Digital Edition

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Pundits, commentators and the like have been discussing parts of the societal fallout of the most recent pandemic. Making comparisons from historical events to the present is a common and necessary course of dialogue, and one of the current topics includes predicting if society will be similarly impacted as it was post the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic. Read more about May 2021 Digital Edition


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