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[Re]Create Home

refreshed living room

Spring fills many of us with the desire to shed heavy home décor and brighten up our spaces with goodness and light. While it’s tempting to have an “anything goes” mentality after a season of living buttoned up—in the literal and figurative senses—there are some easy suggestions to follow when it comes to home interior design. Read more about [Re]Create Home

In Plain Sight

Wine Cellar

Wine cellars continue to move their ways up from homes’ lower levels and onto main floors and into spotlighted sightlines. Over the years, Jeff Hagen has witnessed the change in how wine lovers store and present their collections. “The primary difference has been the advent of the ‘showcase’ cellar, a cellar whose primarily reason for existence is the look, rather than the proper storage of wine,” he says. Read more about In Plain Sight

Renovation Recipe

white kitchen remodel

As the heart of the home, kitchens often take on an even more important role as the lifeline for holiday entertaining, serving as the epicenter of planning, preparing and executing parties and celebrations of all sizes and flavors. Today’s continuing appeal of open-concept living urges them to maintain prime functionality while at the same time remaining visually on point. After a fair amount of time, any home kitchen might find itself as the main course of a home remodeling project. Read more about Renovation Recipe

Brick by Brick

painted brick on exterior of house

At this stage of the pandemic, a fair amount of homeowners have given the interiors of their homes a glow-up, a redo, a transformation—call it what you will. But all that effort begs the question—now what?

Head outside, take a few steps back, and give a long, hard look at your home’s exterior. Even brick facades and fireplace chimneys can get in line for a makeover. Before you pop the paint can or hire a painting crew, Jon Nelson, store manager of Hirshfield’s in Wayzata, provides some valuable insight into painting brick. Read more about Brick by Brick

Prime Property

remodeled Richard S. Davis house by Crystal Kitchen + Bath

When the Richard S. Davis house—commissioned by the eponymous curator cum director of the Minneapolis Institute of Art (MIA)—came on the market in 2002, Bob Nelson and his wife, Carolyn, didn’t think twice. “We didn’t even look at anything else. In fact, I would’ve bought it on a drive by,” Bob Nelson says of becoming the third owners of the home. Read more about Prime Property

For Lake Minnetonka Military Family, Home is a Labor of Love

A military family poses for a photo in their kitchen.

The Shipstads love the charm and location of their home near Lake Minnetonka that they’ve owned since 2003. After years of saving, Scott and Jenny Shipstad are finally making some dream updates.

“Scott grew up in this neighborhood four blocks away, and my father-in-law still lives in the house he grew up in. When it came time for our oldest to go to kindergarten, we always knew this is where we wanted to live,” says Jenny Shipstad. “It’s nice having Grandpa close by to help carpool or babysit the kids.”
Read more about For Lake Minnetonka Military Family, Home is a Labor of Love

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