Lake Minnetonka photographers

Photo Contest Winner Al Whitaker's Springtime Shot

It’s that time of year again when we stop our car on a busy highway to allow our feathered friends to waddle across the road: The geese are back.

Al Whitaker, 25-year Shorewood resident and amateur photographer, got up early one morning, packed his camera and ventured down to Excelsior in hopes he could capture these traffic-halting goslings at the right time.

Lens on Lake Minnetonka Photo Contest Winner Pam Guttman

Pam Guttman sees things others don’t. That’s probably why the photo she snapped last winter at the Freewheel Frozen Frolic bike race on Lake Minnetonka won second place in the Activities category of the Lens on Lake Minnetonka Photo Contest.

“My husband got me out of the house that cold winter day and to the race with the enticement of bringing my camera,” Guttman says, laughing. “Most of the ride was over when we left the main ice area. We walked up to get warm and that’s when I saw this shot.”

Minnetonka Resident Eric Raarup Snaps Photo of the Winter Funk

In December 2012, Minnetonka resident Eric Raarup snapped the quintessential Minnesota winter shot: an almost iced-over lake. For Raarup and others, this sight signals the dawning of the winter season.

Raarup, who says he has “always leaned toward the simple images,” took this photo, which shows an eerie black-and-white background with the wooden dock jutting out onto Liz Lake. Despite the foggy chill, Raarup shot this particular scene before the first snowfall. “I thought it captured that bleak feeling,” he explains.

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