Local Dog Trainers Share Their Expertise

Gordon, my one-year-old golden retriever, acts like you’d expect a one-year-old golden retriever to act. He’s affectionate and excitable, a combination that can cause problems if you don’t like 60-pound dogs in your lap.

My wife and I got Gordon from a reputable breeder. With Gordon, our biggest problem is that he gets worked up and barks when he wants something. It’s annoying, but I never really noticed how bad he had gotten until I brought him to meet with Susan Ward, owner of PupDogs Training in Minnetonka. Read more about Local Dog Trainers Share Their Expertise


Joey Nova’s Introduces Dining for Dogs

Gary Ezell, head chef at Excelsior’s Joey Nova’s, is not a man to do things halfway. When he says that Joey Nova’s is a family-based business, he really means the whole family. “One thing that I’ve noticed,” he says, “is that four-legged friends are like family.”

Naturally, for Joey Nova’s to stay true to its mission, it must make a new customer base—dogs—a welcome part of the dining experience. Ezell’s solution? A fully developed canine menu. Read more about Joey Nova’s Introduces Dining for Dogs


Food for Fido

Every dog owner wants the very best for his or her pup. But as a consumer, it’s hard to know exactly what’s best—and that’s where Dr. Andrea Johnson of Minnetonka’s Gehrman Animal Hospital comes in. Here are her food recommendations for dogs of all breeds.

For the pups:

The food choice depends on the size of the dog, but Purina Pro Plan is a good product for a young healthy dog, as is anything labeled “for all life stages.”

For canine athletes:
Read more about Food for Fido


Grand Avenue Veterinary Center Provides Compassionate Care for Furry Friends

When people say, “My family,” they often mean parents, kids and siblings. But for some, that family includes the furry guy sitting under the dining room table waiting for something to be dropped.

The staff at Grand Avenue Veterinary Center know pets are family, and those family members deserve the best care. The center was founded in 1985 by Dr. Nancy Balto and Dr. Diane Borreson (then Zurcher), who wanted to open an innovative center capable of performing services such as X-rays and surgeries. Read more about Grand Avenue Veterinary Center Provides Compassionate Care for Furry Friends



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