Buck Fever

Last Valentine’s Day, Jackie Scherer wandered through the woods of the Minnesota River Valley in Saint Paul with her Nikon D600 to capture the falling snow. She photographed wild turkeys and deer. “It was cold, and honestly I couldn’t feel my fingers anymore,” she says. Shedding her coat and gloves at her car, she spotted a buck as it stepped out to cross a small frozen stream not far away. “I grabbed my camera and ran.” She knew where it would emerge on the other side of the stream; her heart danced with the same “buck fever” that hunters feel.

Art Without a Paintbrush: Jon Sadeh’s Unique Approach to Photography

Not many photographers can say that they started photographing, almost by accident, on a super-high-quality DSLR camera. But that’s exactly what happened for Jon Sadeh, Excelsior resident and bartender at Lord Fletcher’s on Lake Minnetonka. As a documentary film producer, Sadeh was exposed to top-of-the-line cameras before he’d ever thought about a career in still photography. “Shooting [film] forced you to learn the ins and outs of the cameras,” says Sadeh.

Celebrity Wedding Photographer Robert Evans Brings His Expertise to Wayzata

Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston. No, this isn’t a list of Oscar invitees, but it is a few of Robert Evans’ past clients. The celebrity wedding photographer whose client list includes more A-listers than the cover of Vogue recently moved from Los Angeles to Minnesota in search of a more laid-back lifestyle and room for his family to grow.

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