Tonka Bay Author David Stillman

Acclaimed author and speaker David Stillman treasures his Lake Minnetonka getaway.

Best-selling author and national award-winning entrepreneur David Stillman travels around the country presenting keynote speeches on generation gaps in the workplace. While his work takes him across America, his home office and sanctuary overlooks Lake Minnetonka.

Stillman, who grew up in Minnetonka, moved his family to Tonka Bay 15 years ago. “I find that being able to come home to such a serene and beautiful place not only allows me to rest, but definitely renews my energy and sparks my creativity,” he says.

The author treasures his serene summer mornings kayaking on the lake. “I can hear every sound,” he says. “It is really surreal at times.” While traveling for work, Stillman misses his wife and kids, and the quiet time that his lake life affords. “Okay, I also miss the chicken wings from Hazellewood and a Fat Elvis ice cream cone from Licks,” he adds.