True De-tech-tives: Mound Westonka High School’s Tech Interns

Mound Westonka High School’s tech interns are the source of solutions and smiles.

Technology can be a friend, but at times it can prove to be a fickle one, as Mound Westonka High School (MHWS) found. The school’s 1:1 mobile device integration, which grants students in grades five to nine their own Chromebook, turned into more of a headache than a help, as many students’ computers began experiencing common tech problems.

Enter Westonka Tech Interns, a group of students in grades 10 through 12 dedicated to pinpointing these technology problems, fixing them and returning the Chromebooks to students as quickly as possible. Teacher Sue Simonson formed the class in August 2014 with the hopes of giving students a taste of innovative, professional technology careers. Simonson says 95 percent of the interns are now interested in pursuing technology education or careers.

Thought the class has only been around for a few semesters, students are already trying to build it into something great. Junior Taran Besant says, “My favorite part right now is setting up things for the class like the website, Twitter account and other basic foundations for this program to become more permanent and outstanding.”

To see what the Westonka Tech Interns are up to, visit their twitter homepage at