What's Hot in Men's Fashion, from Wayzata's Judd Frost Clothiers

Judd Frost poses wearing a blue button-down, vest and khakis.
Whether dressing for an important business meeting, a night on the town or drinks with friends—every stylish guy needs a few failsafe pieces in his closet.

“If you see a doctor, you want to see the one who knows his stuff.” 

That’s how Judd Frost—owner of Wayzata’s eponymous Judd Frost Clothiers since 1994—describes his craft, by way of subtle introduction. 

We’re a long way from discussing medicine, but what he’s getting at is expertise. Experience. Quality. They’re the things clients have come to expect from Judd Frost, a lakeside destination specializing in men’s custom clothing, traditional with a twist. And while there are generic big box menswear companies out there that dress guys on the quick, this isn’t it. 

By way of example, he describes—hypothetically—a shorter guy walking through the door, standing on his tiptoes and “fighting for every inch. Or a really tall guy who slouches, so his jacket pulls up in the back but hangs down awkwardly in the front. You don’t realize that until you put a garment on someone,” says Frost, who goes to great lengths to balance clients’ physical assets with the specific look they’re going for.

He can help hide imperfections and make the most of someone’s skin tone or stature, selecting pieces they can wear with confidence instead of the clothing wearing them, so to speak. “The average store doesn’t see things we see. We talk people out of stock all the time!” he says. 

The Judd Frost team does carry ready to wear items, but their wheelhouse is higher-end, customizable suit separates, shirts and accessories. Samuelson and Stenströms are two of the most common in-house, both among the top manufacturers in North America. History, quality and class are palpable in the masculine space. 

So whether a man’s looking for a few failsafe wardrobe additions to wear to work or a night out—or a once-in-a-lifetime look for their own wedding—the Judd Frost team can help them put it together, effortlessly. They know the trends so guests don’t have to, and they take some of the guesswork out of building an adaptable wardrobe that will last. While Frost is clear that the team can fulfill requests for any kind of look within a wide range of budgets, there’s a standard that’s become part and parcel of the Judd Frost brand. 

“People come in here for traditional things—mostly—with pops of color and a taste of current trends without being over the top,” says Frost, noting that stronger burgundies, forest greens and French blues are gaining popularity right now. But, he’s quick to add, “Not too peacocky.”

Top it Off

Nothing makes or breaks a great look like a shave—or tasteful facial hair—and a haircut. And Roosters Men’s Grooming Center has been catering specifically to male clientele since 1999. Replicating the full-service barbershop culture of yesteryear, but with modern touches, the brand has 76 locations including salons in Minnetonka and St. Louis Park. 

“Men’s grooming right now is all about the details. Men are really getting into self-care,” says Rebecca Klosner, manager of both locations. “And men are looking for more people of a tailored look. They don’t want to look like the guy next to them in the office!” 

Roosters is designed with guys in mind, with a non-intimidating, traditional vibe. Signature services include the Roosters Club Cut, a precision haircut with a shampoo massage and hot-towel treatment. Before they head out the door, customers are given a unique style, a brush of powder at the neck and a splash of aftershave. The Signature 7-step Facial Shave includes a wrap in a relaxing hot towel, essential oil treatment, deep-cleansing and toning, moisturizer, aftershave and talc. 

For DIY maintenance between visits, pick up Aveda Pure-Formance men’s shampoo and conditioner. “Every style is so different, but a great style needs to start in the shower,” says Klosner. “The appropriate shampoo and conditioner can make your style so much easier to manage!”

Get the Judd Frost Look

Curious about what’s big in menswear right now? Here are three classy looks any guy should be able to pull off with a few fresh pieces added to their wardrobe. Frost explains the pieces—and trends—at work in each one.


Build a look around a really nice sport coat, Frost says. In general, shoulder pads are out. Open patch pockets are a nice casual touch. And people are going with brighter shades, like this French blue. Pair with a crisp collared shirt like one from Stenströms. “They’re Swedish-made, a beautiful fabric and cut, and the collar sits up a little higher,” explains Frost of the brand that’s become a fan favorite. Casual fabrics are skewing softer and lighter these days—but still with a precision fit—and clients can go nuts accessorizing with colorful belts and socks. Pair with a kapok cotton jean, which is five times lighter than standard cotton, and shoes by Mephisto.


Everyone should have a really nice sport coat, and that’s the bread and butter of the Judd Frost brand. Pair with a custom fabric shirt with a convertible cuff; it goes from day to night easily with a quick flip and the addition of cufflinks to the dual-purpose buttonhole. 


There aren’t as many people wearing suits in corporate America these days. That’s much to the chagrin of guys like Frost, who’d just as soon see Tuxedo Friday take off as the casual variety gaining steam. “But now, if guys are dressing up, they want something really special,” he says. “A fitting becomes more like a design event. Guys pick their own fabrics, we rework button holes, we put in fun linings. And the fabric is so light and the fit is so good, you almost forget you have it on—it’s not the highly constructed clothing of old.”

The brand carries plenty of stock pieces, but the focus is still on fit and feel. In fall, his team sells a lot of vests and custom pieces with contrasting linings. “Surgeon’s cuffs” are a fancier, functional detail, harkening back to the day when surgeons would just roll up their sleeves before getting to work.


Judd Frost Clothiers by the Numbers:


Generations of some families that have shopped Judd Frost


Years of experience held by the small staff


Fabric variations to choose from in custom designs


Blocks the company moved in early 2018 (from Wayzata’s Barry Avenue to Lake Street)


Miles Frost’s daughter Jessie traveled to hand-deliver pants a groom-to-be mistakenly left in the dressing room. When couriers and airlines couldn’t help, she schlepped the $500 pants all the way to his Costa Rican destination wedding. The extraordinary customer service was noticed by Ellen DeGeneres and covered by countless news outlets. But to Frost, going above and beyond isn’t about the publicity. “That’s just what you do!” he says.


The year George Trumper launched his Geo. F. Trumper line of men’s grooming products in London. They’ve since been used by discerning clientele around the world, including—purportedly—the royal family. “The Coral Skin Food. It’s pretty magical stuff!” says Frost, who carries the line in-store.