Lake Minnetonka Magazine October 2015

In the October issue find out about Yum! Kitchen and Bakery's new home,
get to know a local with a love for competitive figure skating and take a
fresh approach to beauty as two lake-area stylists revamp their brands.

In “Loons on the Lake,” you can almost hear the call of our famous state bird.


Traditionally, cocktails are a mixture of spirits, sugar, water and bitters, but things have changed a little bit since the onset of the shaken and stirred varieties. Now, we want it all and we’re willing to go out on a limb and try something completely new in the name of alcohol.


Since 2008, the space that was Billy’s Lighthouse has sat vacant off Highway 12 in Long Lake.


October, with all its crimson and saffron beauty, can be the calm before the storm—the forces of home and work obligations and impending holiday pressure can collide to create a tornado of stress.


The first time a young Coco Kaminski set foot on the ice, her parents put her on a frozen Lake Minnetonka to learn to skate with her siblings. “As soon as I could have skates on my feet, my mom strapped skates on me,” says Coco, whose full name is Colette.


Too often, going to the salon can feel like just another chore. Add it to the list with a dentist appointment, getting an oil change and doing the laundry, and it can feel annoying and overwhelming, especially if you don’t have a tried-and-true stylist you can trust.


Aaron Vanderwall’s goal is to separate himself from the pack. As the owner of Elevate Strength and Conditioning, Vanderwall works in the competitive fitness industry.


Sometimes it seems like business etiquette has gone by the wayside in our modern, fast-paced world. With email, texting and instant messaging taking over, it’s easy to forget about basic manners when communicating in a business environment.


After working in your industry of choice for a few years, you might get tired of the daily grind. Negative attitudes and perhaps a tough schedule could have you thinking about the next step in your life.


Minnetonka residents are about to use the word “yum” a lot more frequently—and not just because it’s the name of a new restaurant opening on Shady Oak Road.


Tucked away off County Road 16, just minutes outside of Orono, the Garden of the Sleeping Angels is a memorial for babies lost during pregnancy or infancy.


When Fresh Seasons closed its doors, the community of Glen Lake was left without a local grocery option. In June, Glen Lake’s Market opened in the space where the former store once operated.


In March, the Minnetonka Medical Center added a new specialty clinic and surgery center.

“Patients [now] have a one-stop resource for many of their care needs,” says Dr. Wendy Shear, medical director.


From 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Halloween, kids and parents alike can enjoy Wayzata’s annual Boo Blast celebration. The event takes place largely in the parking lot of Colonial Square near Lunds & Byerly’s, with lots of music and free food.


With apple season in full swing, Minnetonka Orchards has no shortage of events this month. Browse the list below for a perfect fit for your family:


Beachy Keen (pictured above)
Editor Nicolle Mackinnon took her copy of the April issue of Lake Minnetonka Magazine to the beautiful gulf shore during a Florida vacation.


Popular Edina shop A La Mode Boutique and Nail Spa opened its second location in Wayzata in May and is helping redefine the nail salon experience across the metro.