May 2011

The Pet Issue: Howling Dogs Bakery | Adogo Pet Hotel | Bone Adventure and Lulu & Luigi

The snow has melted and our corner of the world is turning green again. Thankfully, winter couldn’t be further away and these sunny days are perfect for a family excursion.


Peter Andreos traveled from sunny Greece to snowy Minneapolis and opened the Pure Food Café in Minneapolis with his new bride, a Norwegian Lutheran named Olga Sollie. To fit in with these northern Europeans, Peter changed his surname to the more anglo Andrews.


The eighth annual Wayzata Art Experience has all you need for a crafty kick-off to summer. Lake Street will be transformed May 21–22 as vendors, exhibits and entertainment fill the downtown boulevard.


How do you transform a house but preserve it at the same time? How do you take an old-fashioned, endlessly subdivided space and turn it into something sweeping, open and modern, all without compromising its essential character? Just ask architecture-slash-design team of Jon and Mary Monson.


If you had asked her four years ago, Linda Pollock would have described her life as isolated. Her son, Nick, had recently been diagnosed with autism. At two-and-a-half, Nick was nonverbal and not potty-trained.


As the old saying goes, “A boat is a hole in the water into which you throw money.” So what does that make the person in the boat? Who cares! It is our birthright as Minnesotans to enjoy our lakes. And what better way to appreciate our aquatic splendor than by boat?


Between Anthony Bosca and Stephanie Haenes—owners of Wayzata’s InVision and Art of Optiks, respectively—they know a thing or two when it comes to style. So we asked these vision pros to give us their top picks for summer sunglasses.



They say that the best motivation comes from within, but a little bit of sibling rivalry never hurt either. In fact, it was this combination of driving forces that pushed Pete Bluth, a lake area resident, to attempt a unique goal: a cruise across Lake Minnetonka—in a rowboat.   


As many runners, golfers and children can attest, there's something different about playing outside. And for others with health ailments, being in nature benefits their well-being, as noted through studies on horticulture therapy.


With four children, three dogs, two cats and a tarantula named Charlotte, it’s safe to say Laura Lloyd’s life is always in motion. And it’s especially so these days as she, along with her children, run The Howling Dogs Bakery out of their home in Mound.


Interested in bringing a pet into your life on a short-term basis? Then consider fostering a cat or kitten through the Animal Humane Society in Golden Valley.


The10 Sports Dome: Where you can find 26,000 square feet of sports turf to play everything from baseball and football to lacrosse and soccer all year round.


Whether you’re looking for strength conditioning yoga classes or acupuncture health services, Spirit of the Lake Yoga & Wellness Center has got you covered.


Lisa Meritt of Victoria spends many summer days on Lake Minnetonka. She’s passionate about kayaking and fishing, and likes how the channel “has both natural beauty combined with people enjoying the lake,” she says.

  1. For dogs that are scared of storms or overly excitable, the Thundershirt is the answer. This jacket applies a gentle pressure, which calms dogs dramatically. Available at LuLu & Luigi. $48.

Oakwood Elementary School’s annual Family Service Night brought together more than 300 community members to benefit people in need. Throughout the night, families participated in simple projects to teach children the value of serving others. In 2010:


You might have seen her walking her dog through the woodlands of Wayzata, but what you might not know is that she is a nationally acclaimed author.


Hope for the City, the Minnetonka-based nonprofit dedicated to distributing corporate surplus to people in need, recently celebrated its tenth anniversary by naming Patti Dalen its new executive director.


Enercise Gym, the lake area’s first gym for kids, is dedicated to creating an empowering environment for others to learn about health. To engage everyone in the discussion, this past winter Enercise crafted some healthy competition.


ADOGO Pet Hotel is not your average boarder. This brand-new facility offers five-star services and state-of-the-art facilities to keep you and your dog happy, whether you’re gone for the day or the week.