Puppy Love

Dog trainer Linda Schindler shares her wisdom on training an obedient and happy pet.

Local dog trainer Linda Schindler’s education and experiences have evolved over time, but her passion for dogs remains steadfast. What started out as a love of dogs in childhood turned into a hobby as she began training and showing dogs in high school, and eventually turned the hobby into her own business.

Schindler has taught agility training classes and studied dog behavior under Jean Donaldson at the Academy for Dog Trainers in 2002 in San Francisco. Now she owns her own business, Schindler Dog Training, and teaches a wide variety of obedience classes, including puppy beginner, advanced beginner, distraction class and a canine good citizenship prep course sponsored by the American Kennel Club.

Her classes are run through local dog daycare Dog Days, and she also offers in-home training and behavioral consultations for dogs who experience things like separation anxiety, trouble adjusting to children, or are overly reactive. Schindler believes in using positive reinforcement in training. “It’s important to get them to do what you want because they want to, not because you are forcing them,” she says.

Schindler helps owners to learn to read their dog’s body language and learn what motivates them. She also hopes owners recognize that things won’t always go as planned, but they can have a repertoire of tricks ready when it does. “You have to laugh about it because this isn’t about perfection,” she says.

Schindler teaches classes at Dog Days at 350 University Ave. E. on Monday and Wednesday nights. For more information on personal sessions or when classes are offered, visit the website here.